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Meet Ana & The Program

Ana’s bespoke programs aim to teach you how to quieten your mind, how to love and respect the body you live in and to show you how to reconnect your brain to your body…   Read More

Mindful Training

Mindfulness is a way of life – when practiced diligently, what might start as a simple physical training can soon ripple out to every aspect of life, transforming not just…   Read More

Resistance Training

No matter what your age, gender or background, there’s always a lot to be gained from regular strength/resistance training. It is one of the most important things…   Read More

My Work Ethic

Assessing a client is an essential first step to a successful and safe program. As such it mustn’t be skipped if we are to identify a client’s real needs and any challenges…   Read More


Understanding Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (FMS, CFS & ME). Widespread pain with different levels of severity may sound familiar…   Read More

Nutritional Advice

There aren’t any doubts that a healthy and balanced diet are key for those in search of improved health. Similarly to building a house; if the supply of materials is not correct, how…   Read More


Breakfast or Dessert

Turkey Meat Balls

Protein Packed Lunch or Dinner

Maple, Dates & Nuts Vegan Flapjacks

Protein Packed Dessert or Cheat Meal

Pleasure Porridge

Breakfast or Lunch

Miso Chilli Steak With Crispy Sweet Potatoes

Protein Packed Lunch or Dinner

Turmeric Green Soup

Protein Packed Lunch or Dinner

Egg White Muffins

Breakfast or Lunch

Protein Pancakes


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  • Pay-per-class 1-2-1 personal training
  • Personalised workout plan packages
  • Bespoke meal plans
  • Meal & workout packages
  • Fibromyalgia PT coaching
  • Progress evaluation meetings
  • Goal and time frame assessment
  • Friendly & understanding guidance
  • Motivational & Mindful training style
  • Client goal focused programs
  • Post-partum core restore
  • Resistance based training
  • Muscle gain & fat loss
  • Tone & get back in shape
  • Remove barriers to success
  • Build muscle & get stronger
  • Look better & feel great
  • Improve FMS/CFS/ME symptoms
  • FMS/CFS/ME maintenance
  • Specialised programs for FMS/CFS/ME
  • Nutritional guidance for FMS/CFS/ME

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