Meet Ana

In 2004 Ana was introduced to a type of meditation that goes by the name of Vipassana (often translated as ‘Insight’ or ‘clear-seeing’) seeking relief from continued heavy bouts of depression. Often leaving her mind and body, fragile and drained. This practice soon made Ana realise that mindfulness through meditation could help her find some space from the noise of her own mind. The positive impact this technique had, was so great and life changing, that Ana decided to start exploring further, the art of bringing mind and body together through focussed attention. This is the essence of mindfulness and it’s the key to integrating mindfulness into training and everyday life.

Ana’s bespoke programs aim to teach you how to quieten your mind, how to love and respect the body you live in and to show you how to reconnect your brain to your body. The training offered aims to show you how to make every movement into a mindful and meaningful experience. It’s all about learning to focus and building awareness of your own body.

The Program

Ana feels that the current idea of health and fitness has become somewhat warped; a formulated image determined by social media and fuelled by multi-billion pound industries. Putting pressure on people to look a certain way or achieve a certain physique is not the aim of the program.

The bespoke program IS NOT aimed at just the physical appearance. Ana understands that when a person is feeling good, this is a by product of being healthy, people generally radiate a positive energy and look as good as they feel as a result.

Ana’s programs will focus in showing you how, through body awareness and the focus of your own attention you can quieten your mind, find some inner peace and ultimately be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Mindful Training

Mindfulness is a way of life – when practiced diligently, what might start as a simple physical training can soon ripple out to every aspect of life, transforming not just your physical health but your life style and mental well-being as well.

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Resistance Training

No matter what your age, gender or background, there’s always a lot to be gained from regular strength/resistance training. It is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your independence for many years to come.

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