The client’s best interests at heart…

Anyone that moves poorly or is in pain is a good candidate for physical therapy. Although exercise our programs are tailored to the individual needs, there are times where intervention from a therapist becomes essential.

The bespoke programs are composed of corrective exercise strategies designed to improve movement patterns. Occasionally clients will not respond to these. As a personal trainer, you are faced with two options – work around the pain or refer to a physical therapist for further observation.  To insist on accumulating strength on top of dysfunction can lead to a range of issues; muscle imbalances, compensatory movement patterns, and eventual injury.

The program uses 3 screening tools;

    1. Every new client is required to fill in a medical history questionnaire. Medical clearance will be requested if deemed necessary.
    2. Basic assessment of the body- Designed to identify any major factors that may require special attention or in some cases referral to a physical therapist.
    3. Functional assessment – Tests designed to determine the client’s range of motion, balance and any discrepancies noted
Following the assessment, a bespoke program can then be created specifically to the client’s needs, providing no potential issues gets flagged during the process.

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