The malnourished generation…

The believe that we are what we eat has its foundation. If the human body is moved by energy (calories)- surely the quality of the calories we consume is a first step to ensuring good health and fitness.

…So what are we eating?

Studies in 2004 have confronted us with a shocking truth. Tests revealed that a chicken in 2004 contained more than twice as much fat as in 1940 – a third more calories and a third less protein.

But the decline of nutritional values goes further…

During that 51-year period, potatoes and carrots appeared to have lost close to half of their minerals and trace elements. Meanwhile broccoli and tomatoes calcium content dropped to a quarter of what it had been in 1940.

The diet we choose could be putting our bodies in deficit. We can’t overcome fatigue if the cells and tissues in our bodies don’t have enough energy.

We understand change takes time. The program will look into your current eating habits and devise a new approach to eating. The plan will walk you through a new lifestyle one step at the time.



The ‘use it or loose it’ body approach

The body likes to keep on moving. Similarly to a car, our bodies require to be well oiled and kept on the move. This will insure our batteries don’t run flat. Following nutrition, reconditioning the body is your next step. A slow start with something enjoyable is essential. The body likes gradual change. The program makes it comfortable for you to adapt to new situations.

THE GOLDEN RULE: Not overdoing it is essential!

Your current condition will determine the pace. Slow and steady is the golden ticket! Consider having a friend joining in. Social support will help you adhere to a regular routine.

How to get around Postexertional fatigue…

Reconditioning means to refill your body tissues with energy. 20% of muscle weight is mitochondria. It has been ascertained that mitochondria needs good fuel (calories) to be efficient.

We also know that it takes energy to store more energy into your muscles.

So how do get around this conundrum?

So firstly we rectify the diet. The first stage will be having you feeling absolutely fine doing absolutely nothing. Once we are there we can start working on a gradual build up of energy.

REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE!: Not overdoing it is essential!

If going for walks is too fatiguing then starting in a warm water pool may be just the ticket.

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