It’s a  way to understand yourself better and explore the development of human capacity. It is not a philosophy or an intellectual exercise. It is for everyone independently of your believes, age, gender, background.

We have all heard about the risks of injury attached to resistance training, namely anything that involves lifting weights. The reality is that injury is not limited to the gym environment. All it takes is a shopping bag, a heavy baby, bad posture or even something as simple as squatting down to pick something up of the floor.

The risk of injury is often caused by a repetition of awkward movements. Strain is placed in our joints and muscles over a period of time until the body finally gives in. In a gym environment the risk of injury increases significantly but this can easily be avoided. The slogan “No pain, No gain” is not only false but a good way to hurt yourself. Focus is key; to Keep your mind on what you are doing is essential yet we forget to imply this principle.

Mindful training teaches you to focus, to look inward at what you are doing. This technique requires time to be learned but once you become aware of your body you will be able to apply it not only to the gym but to your everyday life. Every movement will become a conscientious effort for the optimal use of your body.

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